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the Salem witchcraft outbreak of 1692


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Martha Corey
Edward Farrington

(Indictment v. Edward Farrington, No. 1)
Province of the Massachusetts
Bay in New England Essex ss// Anno'qe RRs & Reginae Gulielmi
& Mariae Angliae &c Quarto
Anno'qe Dom. 1692

The Jurors for o'r Sov'r Lord & lady the King & Queen Present
That Edward Farington of Andivor in the County of Essex afors'd
Above fouer or five years Since, In the Towne of Anduor aforesaid
Wickedly Mallitiously & felloniously A Covenant with the Devill did
Make & was Baptised by the Devill & unto him Renounced his first
Baptizme & promised to be the Devills both Soul & body for ever,
And to Serve the devill & Signed the Devills Booke; By which Diabol-
licall Covenant by him with the Devill Made In Maner & forme
aforesaid -- The Said Edward Farington is become a detestable Witch
Against the peace of o'r Soveraigne lord & lady the King & Queen
their Crowne & dignity & the Laws in that Case made & provided

Wittness his
owne Confesion --

(Reverse) Edward Farington for Covenanting w'th the Devill Billa
Vera Robert Payne foreman f[i]led

( Mass. Archives, Vol. 135 No. 51 )

(Indictment v. Edward Farrington, No. 2)
Province of the Massathutetts
Bay in New England Essex Anno RRs & Reginae Gulielmi
& Mariae Angliae &c Quarto Anno'qe
Dom 1692

The Jurors for our Sovereigne Lord the King & Queen Present
That Edward Farrington of Andivor in the County of Essex afore-

- 326-
said -- And Divers other Dayes & times as well before as after Cer-
taine Detestable arts called witchcrafts & Sorceries Wickedly and
Mallishiously & felloniously hath Used Practised & Exercised at
& in the Towne of Salem, in the County of Essex aforsed Upon and
against one Mary Warren of Salem Single Woman By which wicked
Arts the said Mary Warren the Day and year aforesd and Divers
other Dayes & times as well before as after was and is Tortured
Afflicted #[Pined] Tormented Consumed Pined & wasted against the
Peace of our Sovereigne Lord and Lady the King and Queen their
Crowne and Dignity and the Lawes in that case made and Provided

Wittness Martha Sprague
Ann Puttnam

(Reverse) Edward Farington Aflicting Mary Warren
Billa vera Robert Payne foreman