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the Salem witchcraft outbreak of 1692


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Elizabeth Colson
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Martha Corey
Elizabeth Colson

(Warrant for Arrest of Elizabeth Colson, No. 1)
You are in theyr Majestyes Names hereby Required to Apprehend
& bring before us (upon Tuesday next being the Seavententh day of
this Instant May by Tenne of the Clock aforenoone att the house of
Lef't Nathaniell Ingersolls in Salem Village) the body of Elizabeth
Colson of Redding Single woeman, whoe standeth charged in behalfe
of theyr Majestys w'th high Suspition of Sundry Acts of Witchcraft
done or Comitted upon the Bodyes of Mary. Walcott, Mercy Lewis
& others in Salem Village, whereby great hurt hath bin done them:
And hereof you are nott to faile

Salem dat'd May 14'th 1692

P us
*John Hathorne
*Jonathan.Corwin }

May 16'th 1692

I have made Diligent Search for the above named Elizabeth Collson
and find shee is fled and by the best Information shee is att Boston
in order to bee shipt ofe and by way of Escape to be transported to
some other Countery whereof I make my Returne

p'r me *John Parker Constable of

( Essex County Archives, Salem -- Witchcraft Vol. 2 Page 50 )

- 238-
(Warrant for Arrest of Elizabeth Colson, No. 2)
You are likewise required to apprehend [] Coloson of Reding
single woman who we are Informed is gone from Reding to Boston
or Charlstowne, And who Also stands Charged w'th Sundry acts of
witchcraft by her Committed on the Bodys of Susannah Sheldon and
Others of Salem Village. and send her also to Salem in order to her
Examination there Relateing to the Premises afores'd --

Salem. 17'th 3 mo 1692

*John Hathorne --
*Jonathan. Corwin --
P ord'r of the Govern'r & Councill

( Boston Public Library -- Dept. of Rare Books and Manuscripts )

(Warrant for Arrest of Elizabeth Colson in Suffolk County, No. 3)
Complaynt beinge made to me underwritten by William Arnold
of Readinge that the above intended and mentioned Elizabeth Cole-
ston is fled from the hands of Justice for which The warr't above is
directed to aprehend her, and that she is now concealed in Bostine,
These are in Their Majesties name to require you to aprehend the
said Elizabeth Colstone & carry Before Lawfull Authority to be
secured till she can be carried to Salem in order to her tryall these
dated in Bostine the 10'th of Sept 1692

To the sherif of the Countie of Suffolk
or his Deputie

*John Joyliffe

( Boston Public Library -- Dept. of Rare Books and Manuscripts [1939 acquisition] )