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Merry meet all


Below is a little list of incenses and what the each is used for.

Amber (healing, light)

Ceder(beauty, prosperity)

Frankincense (Spirit)

Galbanum (Air)

myrrh (water)

Olibanum (fire)

Pine (the horned god)

Sandalwood (celebration)

Storax (earth)


Below are the different types of stones and what the represent.

Quartz crystals (energy)
Rose Quartz (blessing,healing)
holy stones (fertility,luck)
Obsidian (cutting through obstacles)
Black onyx (protection,sealing)
bloodstone (warrior energy,healing)
moonstone (psychic abilities)
Carnelian (warmth,healing)
Amethyst (temperance, sprituality)
citrine (illumination,solar)
malachite(safe travel)
moss agate (growth, plants)
lapis lazuli (psychic abilities, spirituality)
Turquoise (health, good cheer)

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Releasing Negative Energy - a Shamanic Methodology

I have rid our house of negative energy by forming a conduit for its exit. This is a Shamanic thing, and isn't difficult.

Sit or stand near the center of the house and begin turning in a slow circle, concentrating on which direction the negative energy wishes to go. When you feel the direction, stop there and, using your hands, form an energy ball and shape it into a pipe that goes from the inside of your house to the outside in the direction indicated. Then, invite the negative energy to leave, not in a hostile manner, but in a way that allows it to go of its own volition.

After the energy has gone, or mostly gone, smudge the house with sage, paying attention to each door and window. Invite the spirits of House and Home to again come and be there with you.

If you know in advance that the person who leaves negative energy there is coming, smudge the doorway he/she will enter through and construct the energy conduit in advance so their negativity will simply leave the moment it arrives.

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Certainly the best known of all megalithic sites, Stonehenge stands in isolation on the undulating chalk of Salisbury Plain, west of Amesbury, between the busy A303 and A344 roads. At first sight this unique and enigmatic site appears smaller than imagined, but the tallest upright stone is 6.7m (22ft) high, with another 2.4m (8ft) below ground.






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